How to Teach Your Kids to Learn Effectively

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As a parent, you know how important it is for your kid to get the best possible education and to make the most of what is offered to them. Still, it’s not always easy and you could argue that it has become more difficult than ever to raise a focused and effective learner. Most kids are surrounded with numerous distractions, which are always more entertaining than textbooks. However, it doesn’t mean we are fighting a losing battle. If we remain persistent and work towards helping our kids become independent and efficient learners, we stand very good chances of succeeding. Your kid may not be a good “born learner”, but they can most certainly learn how to learn. Here are some tips that should help you with that.

Reading leads to learning

Even though younger generations prefer video materials over texts, we need to be aware that without reading, there can’t be any learning. So, if your kid develops a love for reading, they’ll be more likely to develop a love for learning as well. Reading provides many benefits, from boosting one’s vocabulary to learning how to process concepts. That’s why you should read to your kid and get them interested in what is written. You could also allocate 15 minutes each day to reading, together with other family members. Let your kid choose what they are interested in instead of imposing your own ideas.

Limit your control

Although you need to have control over what your kid is doing, you need to be aware they’ll never become independent and successful unless you give them freedom. Let them have control of their own learning experience by giving them options related to tasks and allowing them to experiment with different approaches to learning. This freedom should also be extended to include extracurricular activities. You want to keep them motivated as much as possible and that is impossible if they feel they have no say in the matters that are relevant to them.

Provide help

There might be moments when you and your kid simply won’t be able to overcome an obstacle. Perhaps you won’t have enough time to dedicate to your kid’s learning or they would simply feel overwhelmed. The most important thing in such situations is for your kid to see that you are willing to help. This might include asking for professional help, i.e. tutoring. You need to consider the advantages and disadvantages of popular online vs. in-person tutoringand choose the option that is more efficient and suitable for your kid.

Allow experiments with learning styles

Just like there are no two kids exactly the same, there is no universal tip regarding the best learning style. What you can do, as a parent, is help your kid test different ones and find out which suits them most. It’s very important that you don’t impose the one that works for you onto your kid, but let them figure out what the most efficient method for them is.

Maintain positive atmosphere

If you want your child to become an effective learner, they have to be motivated and that’s not possible unless they feel enthusiastic about discovering new things. So, make sure you use every chance you have to help them discover new information related to their field of interest. Once they realise how joyful learning can be, they’ll put much more effort into finding out new stuff on their own. Don’t forget to encourage them to share their new knowledge with you and praise them for doing that.

Help them with organization

It’s important that your kid has a place where they can learn without unnecessary distraction. That place should be neat and well-organized, so that they can find whatever they need for learning. The aspect of organization should also include other activities. Don’t let them take on too many extracurricular activities and help them have some time for themselves to play and socialize with other kids.

Naturally, the list of tips doesn’t end here, but these are some of the most important elements that should help you raise an independent and efficient learner. Following them will have long-term benefits, which will assist you in one of the most challenging tasks we have as parents.

How to Teach Your Kids to Learn Effectively

January 22, 2019 by marie-s-nieves