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Our Vision

Many pre-school brands focus on teaching ABC’s/123’s. While this is important, Captain McFinn & Friends takes a unique approach, by using the power of storytelling to engage children in pro-social learning experiences that entertain, inspire, and change the world in which kids live. The ‘edutainment’ content presents moral dilemmas and behavior models which help children create positive change in their world by becoming good people.

Our Products

Captain McFinn offers children and their parents’ fun, educational outlets to teach children to take responsibility for their actions by teaching important pro-social life lessons. Our products include an Explore Kindness kit for classrooms and a Virtual Aquarium for public entertainment. We also feature original children’s books, music and videos.

Get to know captain McFinn’s characters

Captain McFinn

I’m the leader of Club Finn Power and am ready to save the day when others need my help.

Coral Rose

I travel all over the world to coral reefs that are in need of my magical healing power.


I love being a good friend and giving big hugs with my eight arms.


My name stands for the Great Eco Machine. I change shapes to help my best friend Coral Rose clean up the ocean.

Three Tooth

I am Captain McFinn’s loyal best friend. One of my favorite things to do is go exploring.


I am an angelfish and full of kindness. It is so great to have friends who help me learn to face my fears.


I am king of Riff Raff Reef and don’t you forget it! I like being mean and not caring about others. I would watch out for me if I were you.

Stink & Stank

We are the mean Barracuda Brothers, and we live in Riff Raff Reef. Our favorite thing to do is to pick on fish that are smaller than we are.

Captain McFinn in the Community

Malls and Retailers United against Bullying is in its sixth year. This awareness campaign is meant to garner attention to the growing problem of bullying behavior and how it can effect children throughout their lifetime. Over 260 malls and retailers participate across the United States. Each participant has the ability to give away an Explore Kindness kit in their own community. For more information please contact marketing@captainmcfinn.com.

 We’re a Proud Pacer Partner

PACER provides resources for students, parents, educators, and others, and recognizes bullying as a serious community issue that impacts education, physical and emotional health, and the safety and well-being of students. Some of those resources include engaging websites designed just for students, literature for parents to help their children through bullying situations, classroom toolkits for educators, and much more. PACER inspires communities to recognize that bullying is a behavior that has affected too many for far too long. PACER activates individuals to take action on both a personal and community level.