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Get to know captain McFinn’s characters

Captain McFinn

I’m the leader of Club Finn Power and am ready to save the day when others need my help.

Coral Rose

I travel all over the world to coral reefs that are in need of my magical healing power.


I love being a good friend and giving big hugs with my eight arms.


My name stands for the Great Eco Machine. I change shapes to help my best friend Coral Rose clean up the ocean.

Three Tooth

I am Captain McFinn’s loyal best friend. One of my favorite things to do is go exploring.


I am an angelfish and full of kindness. It is so great to have friends who help me learn to face my fears.


I am king of Riff Raff Reef and don’t you forget it! I like being mean and not caring about others. I would watch out for me if I were you.

Stink & Stank

We are the mean Barracuda Brothers, and we live in Riff Raff Reef. Our favorite thing to do is to pick on fish that are smaller than we are.