Be Yourself

One of the most important values we can instill in our children is that they should feel comfortable being themselves. Children who have higher self-esteem feel more valued and confident. Unlike a child who thinks poorly of themselves, they can feel proud of their accomplishments and prepared for everyday challenges


Appropriate tasks of course, your two-year old probably shouldn’t be cutting the crusts of his PB&J, but maybe he can put his shirt on by himself. When they can make their own choices, even if it’s just deciding what they’d like for lunch, they will feel empowered and in control.


Even when their toddlers, giving your child small chores will make them feel capable and competent. This will make them more confident for future challenges.

Effort Not Success

If they mess up, it’s okay. They will learn from their mistakes and hopefully do better in the future. Make sure you praise their efforts, not their success. If you focus on their success, they might become too focused on perfection and refuse to even try.

Be Specific

The more specific the praise, the better. When repeated regularly, “Good Job” and “Way to Go”, get lost in the background and become meaningless.

Unconditional Love

Above all else your child should know that you love them unconditionally. Make sure they understand that you love them for who they are and not their soccer trophies or report cards.


Your child is going to spend their entire life with one person, and that’s themselves. It’s not only okay to love yourself but it’s great. Give them a foundation of self-love and worth that won’t be rattled when puberty hits and the insecurities fall.